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[dropcap color=”#000000″]E[/dropcap]ric Laboratories is a VR, Previsualisation, Production and Story House formed in 2003. Since that time our team has contributed to several critically acclaimed and award winning feature films, cutting edge VR projects, as well as delivering award winning campaigns to national and international clients.

Storyboard your next VR Project with us!

Our move into VR has seen us develop a number of proprietary methods to take the lessons learned in Film and apply them to this new and exciting medium.

We can help you develop your VR content at any step of the way, from initial consultation, all the way through to the final release if necessary. You’ll be included in every step of the process, and thanks to our proprietary integrated Story Visualisation process, even during the storyboarding phase you’ll be able to approve a fully interactive VR storyboard or animatic from within your headset. This allows us to move quickly and cost effectivly to solve complex Immerive VR problems before production even begins.

Lachlan Phillips

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Lachlan Phillips is a Director, VR & Previsualisation Artist and Technical Director. Having worked in the Film and TV industry for over 10 years he brings with him a wealth of experience; technical, artistic and strategic.

Lee Brenton

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Having worked in Film & TV for over 10 years, Lee Brenton is an experienced Animator and 3D Generalist. He is also an amateur roboticist, who enjoys animating DIY quadrocopters and 3D printers as much as polygons.



We also pull together a team of extraordinary collaborators and co-conspirators, VFX Artists and Animators on a per-project basis.